Working together

School governance at LFB

A Collaborative Learning Environments

At LFB, school governance takes a collaborative approach in which many stakeholders, including school administration, teachers, parents, and the management committee, collaborate to ensure effective decision-making, policy formulation, and financial management.

This approach promotes transparency, inclusivity, and accountability. The management committee, composed of elected parent representatives, is critical in leading the institution’s development, determining directions for the coming years, and making decisions that benefit the entire LFB community.

The Yayasan

The LFB is directed by a Yayasan, which is an Indonesian educational foundation. It serves as the governing body responsible for Indonesian authorities. It consists of 7 members, all of whom must be Indonesian nationals and primarily deal with legal and land-related matters.

The Yayasan delegates its executive power to the Management Committee.

LFB Parents Association

The Association pour le Lycée Français de Bali is a non-profit association created by the parents of students at LFB. Its main purpose is to ensure, as necessary, the continuity of a French educational model.

By default, every parent is a member of the Parents’ Association. It is the parents who elect their representatives who sit on the Management Committee.

The Management Committee

The role of the Management Committee, or CG, is to ensure the smooth operation, proper management, safety of individuals and property, and the development of the institution. It formulates budgets, hires staff, ensures the sustainability and maintenance of facilities and equipment.

The CG is composed of volunteer parents elected for 3 years by the LFB Parent Association in a general assembly. These parents:

Mary Barabotti
Mary BarabottiPresident / Treasurer
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Faustine Schricke
Faustine SchrickeVice-President
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Diego Klat
Diego KlatInfrastructures
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Karima Talhi
Karima TalhiSecretary
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Jeanne David
Jeanne DavidCommunication
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