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A Dynamic Environment

Welcome to the diverse and vibrant School Life at Lycee Francais de Bali, where students engage in a holistic education that combines academics, extracurricular activities, and a strong sense of community.

Discover a nurturing environment where learning extends beyond the classroom, and where students find opportunities for personal growth, creativity, and exploration. At Lycee Francais de Bali, education is not just a journey, it’s an enriching experience.






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Lunch Service

LFB students have lunch on-site with two options:

Cutlery and water are provided, and during lunch break, children are supervised in our dining areas by the supervisory staff.

Extracurricular Activities

OPEX activities are offered to students every day after school.

They are optional and available at very reasonable rates. These activities complement our teachings in an enjoyable manner.

They encompass sports, arts, culture, and language activities and are led by LFB staff or external instructors. With a duration of one to 1.5 hours, they are organized into two sessions lasting 13 to 14 weeks each.

Study sessions, holiday camp, and afternoon daycare are also part of OPEX.

Sports Association

The Bali Schools Sports Association brings together about a dozen English-speaking international schools in Bali. They come together for sports events and competitions such as football, volleyball, basketball, swimming, athletics, and cross-country. These events are supervised by our physical education teachers and our teaching staff.

Willing students aged 6 to 18 can participate in these matches, depending on the available teams and any pre-training required.

The events usually take place on Wednesday afternoons for primary and middle school students but can also be integrated into LFB’s school events. For high school students, senior competitions are occasionally organized throughout the year.

These activities are optional and serve to promote school sports and foster a sportsmanlike spirit through these encounters. During BSSA events, students must wear the LFB sports uniform provided to them. It is also possible to purchase a second one from the school’s administration.

Health Service

LFB has a health service under the supervision of a qualified school nurse. To assist the nurse in her duties, please ensure that you complete and keep up to date the health questionnaire provided in the registration file. It provides valuable and essential information about your children’s health.

The role of the school nurse is:

It is imperative that one of the parents is always reachable for better care of the children in case of health issues at school. In case of an accident, the child is transported to the most appropriate hospital.

Sick children should not come to school (risk of contagion, discomfort, fever, etc.). If a child has a fever, it is often a sign of a contagious illness. By not sending them to school, this will help limit its spread.

The Knowledge and Culture Center (CCC)

The LFB Learning Resource Center is a place of documentary, cultural, and educational resources that is open to students and teachers from Monday to Friday, excluding school holidays. In a calm and conducive environment for concentration, work, or relaxation, students can:

The Learning Resource Center is accessible to:


School governance at LFB involves a collaborative approach where various stakeholders work together to ensure effective decision-making, policy development, and financial management.


All donations to the Student Emergency Fund will directly support our students as they adapt to changing circumstances.


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