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Maximizing each student’s potential

The French School of Bali, also known as LFB (Lycée Français de Bali) is a French international school in Kerobokan, Bali.

It serves preschool to the final year of Senior High School (Terminale).

The school opened September 1, 1991. The school has 400 students in 2023.

The LFB offers trilingual education from kindergarten (French, Indonesian, and English) and an international section from 6th grade (12 years old) starting in 2023/2024.






years of history


The French School of Bali, an Indonesian legal foundation (yayasan) and a French-approved establishment recognized by the French National Education, a partner of the Agency for French Education Abroad, has seen significant development and transformation since its inception in 1991.

The LFB has welcomed in the last years three new facilities, including a new kindergarten, in Umalas, in a tranquil and green environment.

It has a well-designed and efficient structure, as well as modern and high-quality facilities ideal for all of our students’ education.


The LFB, located in the center of the Asia-Pacific area, has grown quickly in recent years to accommodate over 400 students from kindergarten to Baccalaureate, including French, dual nationals, and numerous third nationalities from over 25 countries.

It promotes hospitality, the greatest education for all students, global awareness, and success for everyone.

As a result, the LFB creates high-quality linguistic teaching methods in a variety of languages to assist each student in succeeding while supporting a varied school population, including non-French-speaking students.

The goal is to lead the School to a level of excellence through outstanding performance in assessments and examinations.

Four strategic vectors have been chosen for the French School of Bali project:

  1. Developing superior language skills and raising global awareness
  2. Maximizing each student’s potential
  3. Guaranteeing personal growth, well-being, and achievement for all
  4. Promoting sustainable development education

The Principal's Message

Good morning, students, parents, and staff members of LFB Bali,

I am truly delighted to stand before you today as the proud principal of Lycée Français de Bali. Our school is not just a place of education; it is a vibrant community where dreams are nurtured, talents are honed, and friendships are forged.

At LFB Bali, our commitment to academic excellence is unwavering. We have a dedicated team of educators who are passionate about teaching and nurturing the potential within each student.

But LFB is more than just a school; it’s a place where cultures converge. Bali’s unique blend of traditions, natural beauty, and rich history provides a backdrop for our international community. We embrace diversity and celebrate our differences, creating an environment where students gain a global perspective and cultural sensitivity.

Our campus is a haven for exploration and creativity. From the arts to sports, robotics to drama, there’s something here for every passion and interest. I encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities available and discover your unique talents.

Parents, your partnership with us is invaluable. We believe in open communication and collaboration to ensure the best educational experience for your children. Together, we can inspire, guide, and prepare them for a bright future.

Thank you for entrusting us with your education, and I look forward to a fantastic year of learning, discovery, and personal achievement.

Christian-Yves Michelon
Principal of Lycée Français de Bali







The LFB Teams

Every day, a large number of staff members work to keep the school running.

LFB has recruited highly qualified teachers from a pool of numerous applicants, often from the national education system.

For the Primary school, these teachers include elementary school teachers, English teachers, Indonesian teachers, and French instructors for French as a  Foreign Language (FLE) .

Additionally, for the secondary level, we have subject-specific teachers in various disciplines


Standing (Left to Right) : Vanessa Simoes Gil, Meliana Delvallée, Tiphaine Rolan, Aurélie Pinoteau, Christian-Yves Michelon

Sitting (Left to Right) : Ni Gusti Ayu Rasminiasih, Widiawati, Ni Nyoman Surati, Léna Bisquey, Sayu Komang Mudi Andiari, Ireka Arsyidah


Standing (Left to Right) : Johanna Choukroun, Carine Houssay, Cyriel L’homme, Christian-Yves Michelon, Ambre Fuentes, Laurent Barthaux, Charlotte Simonutti, Nicolas Raoult, Laure-Anne Morin

Sitting (Left to Right) :Ingrid Latorre, Meliana Delvallee, Claire Vandroux, Andayani Iskandar, Emmanuelle Bernard, Anne Gisone, Tania Schaers, Géraldine Leturcq

High School

Standing (Left to Right) : Christian-Yves Michelon, Sophie Gaulandeau, Martine Poivert, Mireille Zeler, Cyriel L’Homme, Bertine Meissonnier, Nicolas Huvelin, Dominique Mioche, Philippe Meissonnier, Naning Triana, Laurent Beclin, Cédric Gaulandeau, Caroline Perrigault, Olivier Latorre, Jean-Pascal Gerber, Mulyatno

Sitting (Left to Right) : Meliana Delvallee, Clemence Jacquot, Léa Quinet, Elise, Tania Schaers, Géraldine Leturcq

School Support

Standing (Left to Right) : Ni Wayan Desi Mariyanti, Widiawati, Naning Triana, Ni Gusti Ayu Rasminiasih, Frédéric Cabot, Maria Jeaned Da’Silva, Rudhy Rully, Ni Kadek Wiwik Denianti, I Made Rai Sukadana, Ni Wayan Brati, Christian-Yves Michelon, Kasianus Mandur, I Made Suarjana, Made Swantara, Dahrun, Sayu, Alit

Sitting (Left to Right) : Ni Ketut Suartini, Desy Widhi Armini Ni Wayan, Ni Ketut Rai Suardani, Ni Nyoman Sukasih, Ni Ketut Rai Ningsih, Ni Made Suweni, Ni Nyoman Sarmini, Ni Nyoman Surati


Standing (Left to Right) : Rudhy Rully, I Made Swantara, Pardin Haloho, Samsul Alam

Sitting (Left to Right) : Asrianti Danga Leu, Ahmad Efendi

Administrative Team

Led by the Operation Manager, the Administrative Team manages the school’s operations, including finances, scheduling, facilities, and personnel.

They handle administrative tasks, support teachers and staff, and ensure the school runs smoothly.

Christian-Yves Michelon
Christian-Yves MichelonPrincipal
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Jean-Pierre Gerber
Jean-Pierre GerberSecondary level Manager
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Frederic Cabot
Frederic CabotOperation Manager
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Desy Cabot
Desy CabotReceptionist - OPEX
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Naomi Pangestu
Naomi PangestuSecretary
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Philippe Perrier
Philippe PerrierSr. School Administrator
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Frank Aubron
Frank AubronSchool administration
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Tsamara Salsabila
Tsamara SalsabilaSchool administration
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Dewi Handayani
Dewi HandayaniIT Coordinator
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Agus Upa
Agus UpaIT
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Made Rai
Made RaiMaintenance
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Ian Mandur
Ian MandurMaintenance
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Cyriel L’Homme
Cyriel L’HommeSpecialized Educator
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Léa Prunier
Léa PrunierFLE-Library
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Charlotte Simonetti
Charlotte SimonettiFLE
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Lia Thomas
Lia ThomasNurse
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Ireka Arsyidah
Ireka ArsyidahLibrary
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Pedagogical Support

The Pedagogical Support Team assists students with diverse needs, providing personalized help, special education services, assessments, and teacher collaboration.

They promote an inclusive environment and ensure students have the resources to succeed academically and emotionally.


Learn about the School Education Project at LFB over the coming years and find important information and tools to help your child’s academic development.


All donations to the Student Emergency Fund will directly support our students as they adapt to changing circumstances.


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