Frequently Asked Question About The LFB

The welcoming tactics of all students arriving with very various linguistic backgrounds, as well as the differentiation within current language lessons, allow each student to easily find his or her place, feel at ease in the sessions, and grow very quickly.

Multilingual projects with an active, vibrant, and engaging pedagogy allow for rapid advancement.

The school in France is not free; it has a larger cost than other French schools around the world, a cost borne by the community through taxes. Tuition fees are calculated as precisely as possible in order to place the school in a financial equilibrium while providing students with the greatest possible educational conditions. As a result, the LFB is unquestionably one of the most affordable international schools in Bali. Families facing financial issues with school expenses may contact the French Consulate to inquire about applying for a scholarship (only for French national children).

For the time being, this is not the school community’s option, and it does not relate to the demands of French schools in France or overseas, nor to the specific needs of LFB children. Our students frequently wear sportswear that is useful, practical, and comfortable, as well as displaying the LFB logo.

The French baccalaureate is of very high standard, higher than the International Baccalaureate (IB), and allows our students to enter english language universities if they have a TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or Cambridge IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) certification. These certifications are produced at the LFB for students who choose to pursue them. Many International colleges are looking for candidates with a proven track record from the French baccalaureate.

Age French English American Indonesia
2-3 TPS
3-4 PS Nursery Nursery KB
4-5 MS Reception Pre-K TK Kecil
5-6 GS Year 1 Kindergarten TK Besar
6-7 CP Year 2 1st Grade SD 1
7-8 CE1 Year 3 2nd Grade SD 2
8-9 CE2 Year 4 3rd Grade SD 3
9-10 CM1 Year 5 4th Grade SD 4
10-11 CM2 Year 6 5th Grade SD 5
11-12 6ème Year 7 6th Grade SD 6
12-13 5ème Year 8 7th Grade SMP 1
13-14 4ème Year 9 8th Grade SMP 2
14-15 3ème Year 10 9th Grade SMP 3
15-16 2nde Year 11 10th Grade SMA 1
16-17 1ère Year 12 11th Grade SMA 2
17-18 Terminale Year 13 12th Grade SMA 3

Because there is no required schooling until the age of six, kindergarten pupils absences are tolerated. Early departures or leaves of absence outside of the School intervals are generally detrimental from the CP onwards and are therefore strongly discouraged. It should also be emphasized that the awarding of scholarships is conditional on attendance at school.

The LFB does not have a kitchen, however La Cantina offers catering options so that parents do not have to cook meals for their children.

The test is not required for kindergarten or pre-school entry; children from other systems are admitted on the basis of an internal level test beginning in the second grade. Children who do not speak French when they arrive will eventually learn through interactions and communication circumstances within their group, with the assistance of specific arrangements (personalized assistance, French as a language of schooling FLSCO).

That is not recommended. That is what a teacher and a school are for! Why not allow the child grow at their own pace within their group and share their amazing discoveries with their class and classmates? Parents do not always have the abilities and are not always in a good position to teach their child to read, which can be a difficulty, especially if the child lacks the basic preliminaries, which are gradually taught in Kindergarten.

To ensure a positive classroom environment, eliminate noise pollution, lack of attention, cheating, and, in rare cases, harassment.

It is a civil liability policy that supplements family medical insurance by covering a portion of the medical costs associated with an accident occurring at school or during after-school activities.


All donations to the Student Emergency Fund will directly support our students as they adapt to changing circumstances.


Everything that I learned at Kempbelle University really helped put me above the competition in the field of business management.

Alyssa Watson
BA Business Management