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A word from the management

D ear Madam, dear Sir,
Dear parents,
Dear students,

The Louis Antoine de Bougainville French High School is pleased to present its identity card, its community, and its assets.

It is a dynamic and committed human-scale institution that educates French, bicultural, and foreign students from the very small nursery section to the final year of high school. The school aims for inclusion and the success of all in a serene, fulfilling, and conducive learning environment. The school welcomes families and students with great care by professional, versatile, multilingual, and multicultural teams who serve the school community and inclusive education.

Both family-oriented and demanding, French and international, innovative, and committed to common values, where trust, kindness, and excellence come together through solidarity and recognized quality of teaching within the vast worldwide network of French education abroad. The LFB leads its students to particularly strong academic and educational skills.

The main axes of the school project are multilingualism, openness to the world, success for all, sustainable development, the use of quality tools in innovative pedagogy, and personal development. Within this framework, our teams provide rich, varied, and modern educational and pedagogical courses and paths that integrate the profiles, needs, and ambitions of each of our students.

With an ambitious and high-performing multilingual language policy, from a young age, and offering diversified courses in middle and high school, with a declared desire for openness to the country, language, and local culture, the continuity of schooling throughout the world, as well as professional paths, are ensured for expatriate students as well as for young biculturals. The LFB ensures access to national exams, the BAC and DNB, as well as foreign certifications in English and Spanish, all orchestrated on-site, leading to excellent results in exams and in the construction of our students' higher education paths in France and abroad.

Beyond the high-level academic requirements outlined in the French programs and carried out by qualified and committed personnel in an innovative dynamic at the service of students, the sports, cultural, and citizen project is anchored in teaching, consolidated in numerous extracurricular activities, thematic trips, and leads to the global formation of responsible adults of tomorrow.

In addition, quality infrastructures have been developed and improved in recent years, allowing our students to be welcomed in the best conditions.

Finally, these various developments are made possible thanks to the unwavering involvement of our parent managers and volunteers within governance bodies working in harmony with pedagogical and operational teams to ensure that the institution grows serenely and adapts to the educational needs of our time and to the legitimate demands of families.

The future of our students is conjugated in the present, let's build the citizens of the 21st century together!

Katia Turnier, Head of School

Let's build the citizens of the 21st century together!

Financial Regulations

A document to be read carefully, it is the parents' responsibility to be aware of it.


The practical Guide of LFB

The LFB, its structure, its pedagogical and institutional functioning, its organization and the rules that govern it.


School Calendar

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Linguistic Apparatus

The teaching of languages ​​and particularly English is a priority.


School Organization

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