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Registration for the year 2022-23

We still have a few places for 2 and 3 years.
No first inscription fees for them (TPS-PS).
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O ffered to students every day after class, the Extra Curricular activities (called OPEX) are optional and charged at very reasonable rates. Also open to outside students, the activity catalogue is constantly evolving to offer a wide range of quality animations.

Download the OPEX Registration Form to view the program for all classes. To register, complete and return the form to the reception desk.

The Lycée Français de Bali presents itself - OPEX

Frequently Asked Questions

1Will my child be bothered by languages?
The welcoming strategies of all students arriving with very different linguistic backgrounds, as well as the differentiation within modern language classes, allow each student to quickly find his or her place, to be at ease in the classes, and to progress very quickly. Multilingual projects and an active, lively and motivating pedagogy allow for rapid upgrading.
2Why is school so expensive when it is free in France?
The school is not free in France, it has a higher cost than that of French schools around the world, a cost that is paid for by the community through taxes. Tuition fees are assessed as accurately as possible in order to put the school in a position of financial equilibrium by offering students the best possible teaching conditions. As a result, the LFB is certainly one of the cheapest foreign schools in Bali. Families who are experiencing financial difficulties with school fees should contact the Consulate to consider applying for a scholarship, or the LFB to consider a staggering plan.
3Why don't students wear uniforms at the LFB?
For the time being, this is not the choice of the school community represented by the Governing Board and does not correspond to the needs of French schools in France or abroad, nor to the special needs of LFB students. Sportswear, which is functional, practical, comfortable and carries the LFB logo, is often worn by our students. It is mandatory for all outings, and then replaces advantageously a uniform.
4Is it possible with the French baccalaureate to integrate Anglo-Saxon universities?
The French baccalaureate is of a very high standard, higher than the international baccalaureat (IB) and allows our students to enter Anglo-Saxon universities, provided they have a TOEFL (Test of English as Foreign Language) or Cambridge IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) certification. These certifications are prepared at the LFBfor students who wish to do so. Many Anglo-Saxon universities are looking for students from the French baccalaureate who represent a sure value.
5Can my child leave school before discharge, can he or she be absent for exceptional leave?
There is no compulsory schooling before the age of 6, so there is a certain tolerance for kindergarten students. From the first grade onwards, early departures or leaves of absence outside the periods provided for this purpose are generally prejudicial and are therefore strongly discouraged. It should also be noted that the allocation of state scholarships is subject to school attendance.

6Why doesn't the LFB have a canteen?
It's a matter of space. We do not have the space or structures to install a kitchen. Outdoor and supervised catering areas are available for students who eat their own meals.
7My child comes from a school system other than the French system. Will he have to take an entrance test?
Entry into kindergarten and pre-school is not subject to the test, it is from the second grade onwards that children from another system are admitted on the basis of an internal level test. Children who don't speak French when they arrive will gradually learn within their group, through interactions and communication situations, and will be helped by special arrangements (personalized assistance, French as a language of schooling FLSCO).
8Can I teach my child to read at home?
That is not recommended. That's what the trade teacher and school are for! Why not let the child evolve at their own pace within their group and share these great discoveries with their class and classmates? Parents do not necessarily have the skills and are not always in a good position to teach their child to read, and this can sometimes be a problem, especially if the child does not have the necessary prerequisites, which are gradually taught in nursery school.
9Why has the use of mobile phones by pupils been banned in the LFB?
In order to guarantee a positive classroom climate, avoid noise pollution, loss of attention, cheating and, more rarely, harassment.
10What does school insurance cover?
It is a civil liability and complementary to family medical insurance, which covers part of the medical costs inherent in an accidental situation arising during school and out-of-school activities.

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